Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him (fit and healthy edition!)

Valentine’s Day is in less than one week! I love getting gifts for the ones I love and showing them that I really pay attention to what they need and want. My boyfriend is very active and tries to be healthy for the most part, so he doesn’t enjoy receiving loads of candy for every holiday. Everyone deserves a treat though, so I try to get creative on Valentine’s Day since it’s pretty much centered around giving and receiving sweet treats.

I’ve compiled a gift guide for the fit guy in my life – hopefully this helps you if your boyfriend, husband or fiancé doesn’t want to blow his diet (or fit lifestyle) on tempting, yummy Valentine’s goodies. Most items are on Amazon Prime, so even if you’re finding this last minute, you’re in luck.

1. Bro Food.

Instead of typical candy, stick with protein bars as a sweet treat. Beef jerky is another protein-packed, semi-healthy snack and these snack-sized packs are perfect for gainz on the go.

2. Headphones.

All gym rats need a good go-to pair of headphones to get in the zone while working out. Bluetooth is the way to go – no dealing pesky wires or keeping your phone in your pocket while running.

3. Sweatpants.

For some reason, dudes love these running pants. It’s probably because they can feel relaxed without going into super hobo mode. I like the straight-legged, semi-put together look of them so they’re a go-to gift idea.

4. Carry-On Suitcase.

This is a perfect way to subtly hint that you need a vacation together. This one on Amazon was cheaper than my local Marshall’s! You don’t have to worry about your stuff getting squished with the hard shell and the 360 degree wheels make navigating an airport much easier.

5. Books.

Getting someone a book about something they’re into (if they’re also into reading) is a perfect way to show you know them well. My boyfriend is into entrepreneurial business and finances so I searched for these type of books on Amazon. The biography on Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, had outstanding reviews and was only $10. A perfect “stocking stuffer” type item!


Do you and your boo exchange gifts for Valentine’s Day?

What is your favorite sweet treat?

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