9 Essential Things to Subscribe to on Amazon Subscribe & Save

In a quest to take less trips to the storespend less when I do go, and run of out things less often, I decided to begin utilizing Amazon’s Subscribe & Save feature. If you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s a service offered by Amazon Prime that delivers you specific items of your choosing on a regular basis for 5% off of the normal price. There are some things that you use every day and who doesn’t hate reaching for the last of something and then having to immediately run to the store, or worse, find out that the last one’s already gone?!

Here are my picks for things to subscribe to on Amazon Subscribe & Save — the things I never want to run out of.

Any month that you receive 5 things at once, you unlock 15% off!

The beauty is that if you don’t need something, they’ll send you a reminder to make changes to your upcoming order, where you can skip an item for the month.

1. Toilet Paper

You will need this forever and ever – guaranteed. Cottonelle is my personal favorite brand and is usually on Amazon for a good deal.

2. Oatmeal

I eat oatmeal every weekday at work and sometimes at home on the weekends, so this 48 count is perfect for me to get every two months. The plain oatmeal is the easiest and healthiest option for me – I add a packet of Splenda and a giant tablespoon of peanut butter.

3. Peanut Butter

Since I also am eating peanut butter every day, this two pack is great for an every other month delivery as well. I’ll typically keep one jar at home for oatmeal and smoothies and one at work for my daily breakfast oatmeal.

4. Larabars

These minimal ingredient bars are the best snack ever! Watch the price before they get ordered though – I try to not pay more than $1/bar since that’s typically the lowest they can be found in-store.

5. K-Cups

I get free coffee at work every day but I like to have K-Cups on hand at home for the weekends or any other time. I’ll drink pretty much any coffee but my favorite is a blonde roast and I’m subscribed to a 100 pack Amazon’s brand every three months (I’ll probably end up changing this to less frequently).

6. Gatorade

My current guilty pleasure is light blue Gatorade. There is too much sugar in them but they’re so satisfying when I’m feeling dehydrated. The mini ones are just the right amount for a pick-me-up 🙂

7. Clorox Wipes

If nothing else, these will remind me to clean more often. These wipes can be used on many surfaces throughout the home!

8. Greenies

I give my dog a Greenie every day when I leave the house for work (she’s not spoiled or anything) so I know that I’ll run out of these on a regular basis. This pack of 60 will last us a solid two months, if not more!

9. Dry Shampoo

My hair sometimes gets oily overnight if I go to bed with it wet so I usually use dry shampoo in the mornings to spruce it up a bit or to extend my washes. This three pack is cheaper than I can typically find them in store and perfect to receive every three months!

Some other ideas of essentials to subscribe to: paper towels, trash bags, diapers, dog food, and  makeup wipes.

Do you use Amazon Subscribe & Save?

If so, what are you subscribed to?

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